Friday, 4 February 2011

Reaching the limit

Today's run was supposed to be 25 miles, but I decided pretty early on to cut it down to 20. Over the last week my legs have been getting tighter and tighter, and niggles have just not been going away. So first thing I arranged a massage with Wayne for the afternoon, and decided I'd try to just get 20 done and see how the legs were.

At about 17 miles my left calf tightened up, and didn't go away. I managed to finish the 20 miles, but I was worried I'd done some real damage.

The massage with Wayne was probably the quietest massage I've ever had! It was so painful, I couldn't talk at all. There was quite a lot of swearing going on in my head though! Usually I might have 2-3 niggly points that need a bit of work, today it was everything. It was hard to find a muscle that wasn't sore. Wayne had to work very hard. There is no lasting damage, it is just clear that after months of hard running my body has reached it's training limit.

Wayne advised me to drop tomorrow's 30 miles. I will run 10 very easy miles with the club, with the proviso that if my body isn't working I will stop.

Pretty amazing though that with just 1 run to go I have reached my limit. The schedule that I wrote myself has obviously hit exactly the right level.

The plan from now until the 24th Feb is to maintain the fitness I've gained by active recovery, the right amount of running, and tapering well. I've got to stay injury free!

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