Monday, 21 February 2011

3 days to go - Follow me!

You can now follow my epic and some would say mad run across Wales in 3 different ways! click the link and "like"!/Platform51
Or by watching this page.
I'm not getting a huge amount of sleep at the moment, I am too excited and nervous. It may also be due to the fact that I haven't run this little since the week after the London marathon, so my legs feel a bit odd, rested! I still have a lot to do though, so the nervous energy is quite handy! I have been receiving daily emails and texts from people wanting to join me on the run, so hopefully they will all make it, and be happy to plod along with me for a bit.
The charity totals have also topped £2000, which is fantastic. I only need to raise another £400+ for each charity to reach the total of £3000 for the both. So, if you'd like to donate, please follow the links on this page and make a difference to the women and children of Wales. For some women your donation could make the difference of whether they feed their children that night or not, so please give generously to these very deserving causes.
Every so often I will be engrossed in doing something and then I remember again, "I'm running a whole country", and my heart leaps into my mouth in panic. So I keep stuffing my heart back into the right place, but frankly it's leaping all over the place at the moment. I'm ready to go!

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