Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day One - 33 miles done

The daily routine of taping my feet.
What a day.

We started in Holyhead dashing round trying to find somewhere to have breakfast, which we eventually managed. Then a 30 min car drive to the start point in Amlwch, Bull Bay. The wind on leaving the car was fierce and cold! That was to be a problem all day.

First checkpoint reached with few issues except a huge hill and strong headwind. It was then 6 miles to the next one, which went quickly. And thank god Wayne my sports masseur saw me in time as I headed off in the wrong direction.

Checkpoint 3-4 was a really tough section as I came down into Llanfair I added an extra 2 miles at this point. But ho hum, nothing that could be done. I met Helen, Richard and their kids at this point. Mandy was in and out with me all day, and that really helped.

After the Menai Bridge the roads were big and confusing and our navigation went from bad to worse. I was getting very hungry but also feeling a bit sick. There were no sign posts anywhere and it was a case of the support crew car driving to the next junction and just waiting for me.

The last few miles were a blur of rubbish navigation on my part, driving head wind, sore feet and nausea, but I managed, I finished. My Garmin gave up but I think I managed about 32.5 miles.

A lovely cold shower (!) later, and a really good massage, and I'm eating lasagne and chips with Wayne and Mandy in Pete's Eats. All done, and I'm still walking fine.


  1. Well done Finola - what a gruelling day!!
    At least the weather forecast for tommorow is better.
    I went to the running group this evening and all the girls were thinking of you.
    I look forward to reading your blog tomorrow.
    Have a good rest and sleep.

  2. Go Finola! We're all behind you - what an amazing start in what sounds like tough conditions. We're all thinking of you and spurring you on. We'll be waiting at the finish line with cakes! :)
    Hannah (Platform 51) x