Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 5 - 28 miles

Llandewi Brefi - I am the only "runner" in the village!
150 miles done.

And I have no idea how I have actually managed to do them.

After the emotional upheaval of yesterday I was feeling rather flat today. Without Wayne I also had to massage myself in the morning. Wayne had showed me how, and I did the best job I could, but I was a lot stiffer to start than I had been. I also now had an issue with my right quad which was very sore on a small point above my knee. Of course I panicked and phoned Wayne. He managed to reassure me there was no damage, just a alot of miles in my legs and pain was to be expected.

The day was slow, but scenic. Some incredible views in the clear bright sunshine, it really felt like spring.

As with every day so far, the last few miles were tough, but I had a brainwave and started phoning everyone I knew to keep me company. An ultra running friend Caz was particularly good, and kept me chatting for a good few of those miles. I must have looked strange though running or should I say plodding down the road chatting and laughing out loud, to noone!

Today I reached 150 miles, just 85 to go, and I really feel like I can make it.

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  1. Keep going- your doing an amazing thing- and there are people- who whilst can't be there cheering you on, are supporting from a distance every step of the way.
    One foot in front of the other- one day at a time
    Well done

    From platform 51 Cornwall