Thursday, 3 February 2011

The closer it gets - the harder it is.

I only have 2 more hard training days left, and yet again I don't know how I will run them.

All week I have been feeling tired and not myself. The strain is beginning to show. Everyone has been very supportive, and there's nothing major wrong, I'm just having a whinge.

So whilst I'm whinging........... my legs are stiff and sore and tired. My left knee is stiff and bothersome, my right ankle throbs and energy levels are at an all time low. Wayne had a good look at both knee and ankle. He never makes any comment unless the limb is actually falling off, and he didn't say anything, so I'm good to run.

Thankfully, my feet are much better. Today they were extremely well behaved only murmuring at me a couple of times during the 10 miler, rather than screaming as they have been doing since last week. I think I have finally worn in the shoes I will wear for Run Wales. I shall wear them for my 25 miler tomorrow, then put them away until Anglesey to make sure they last the challenge. Imagine buying a pair of running shoes then having to throw them out after just 3 weeks wear!

I have decided the only way to cope with running 55 miles in the next 2 days after months of hard training is to revel in the experience. It might seem perverse, but when it's really a struggle, telling myself this is a unique experience, one that 99% of the population never have, helps. It's almost like an out of body feeling. As if you are floating inside your own body somewhere like a little mini scientist, noting down the discomfort and difficulties faced by various parts of the body, and nodding wisely at how well everything is functioning. Of course now I really do sound mad!!

To give you a flavour of my emotional wellbeing at the moment. I turned up to a running club session this morning, barely able to talk I was so tired. After 3 miles, with good company I sounded half way normal. Whilst driving home after my run, a car pulled out in front of me, and I let out a torrent of expletives - gave myself a bit of a giggle though, it was like a verbal sneeze, a bit explosive and highly unladylike.

Just 2 more days - then I can regroup for the final assault.

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