Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Curry Evening at the Mumbai

Helen and Hannah from Platform 51, Lowri Morgan, the bear, myself and Helen from SWA.
The curry evening was a great success. With everyone's help we raised £706 for Platform 51 and Swansea Women's Aid, which is phenomenal!

Over 60 people attended, and everyone was incredibly generous. We had 20 raffle prizes donated which meant that we sold over 350 raffle tickets, which in itself raised a huge sum. Thankyou to all those people who donated raffle prizes, especially Elaine who made some gorgeous beaded necklaces and who I forgot to thank on the night. Even the waiters bought raffle tickets..... and one was lucky enough to win himself a lovely silvery necklace!

Lowri Morgan very kindly popped in for a few minutes on her way to Cardiff, and had a photo taken with the charity representatives. Lowri will be running for 12 hours, resting for 4 hours and repeating 3 times over the next week, as training for her Yukon 350 mile ultra, so for her to spare us a few minutes in her arduous schedule, really was something!

I was very touched by the reaction of the charity representatives, Helen from Swansea Women's Aid, and Helen and Hannah from Platform 51. It wasn't until I actually met them that I realised this money will make a difference to people's lives. Until now it had just been another number to target. Platform 51 have in fact decided to make the money that is raised into an emergency fund for their users, which they have called Finola's Fund!

I was so pleased that everyone had a good time last night, but was quite exhausted by the end of it. This morning I still felt shattered and didn't feel at all like running. I decided to keep it short and do just 4 miles. It's been a long time since I ran anything that short. It went very quickly, and I managed to run a fast last mile (9.25mm - fast for me), chasing 2 other runners on the cycle track.

I am now looking forward to catching up with myself after the last few months of putting things off in order to run. The meal last night really lifted my spirits after a difficult week running last week, even if I didn't actually get to eat that much. I hope that as the days go on, my legs will become less stiff and my body will recover ready to run the country.

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