Saturday, 12 February 2011

I'm now counting the days, and panicking!

Just 10 days until I leave for North Wales, and I had a major panic last night about my support crew situation. Yes I know I should have sorted all that out weeks ago, but I was busy running!

I now have a sports masseur available every day of the run except the last day. As I won't be needing to run again after Thurs 3rd of March, I thought I would leave having a massage that day, as my guess is it would be agony, and I reckon I will have had enough agony for one week.

I have also managed to rope in another friend Helen, to be an extra support crew member for the Tuesday and Wednesday. She is very encouraging, and very chatty, so I was so glad when she said she'd be able to do it, as she will be brilliant at it!

I have been having some real moments of panic this week. Every so often I will just think of what I am about to do (run across an entire country - arghhh), and my heart leaps into my mouth, and I wonder what on earth possessed me to sign up for this. Then I remember how well my training has gone, and I shove the panic away again for a bit until it surfaces the next time. I know this panicky feeling is perfectly normal, and that it's also normal to feel quite exhausted and like a dreadful runner as your event approaches. I remember my first half marathon. I went out for a run with a friend a couple of days before the race for an easy but hilly 3 miles, and was sent off into a massive panicky spin because I was breathless on the hills, and my legs felt like lead, and I had no idea how I was going to finish the last mile, let alone 13 of them! Now I have done a few races, I know it happens every time. So I will trust my body, and just do what needs doing until Feb 24th arrives.

I am meeting up with Mandy, my support crew who will be with me for the whole week, on Tuesday, in order to finalise the route. It'll be a case of spreading out the maps on the floor and pencilling in where I am going, should be fun! I also need to start writing some lists - I am a prodigious list writer and don't feel ready until I have several lists under my belt. I am convinced it is my list writing mentality that makes me a better ultra runner. I'm not a natural risk taker, and like to know exactly what I am in for, before I do something. Writing lists, and feeling prepared gives me the confidence to attempt things that might seem unachievable. I am a Theorist learner. That means I sit back, listen to everyone else's ideas first, do all possible research, then when I have formulated a plan, carry it out precisely. I have a friend who is an Activist, jumps straight in with both feet, up for anything, incredibly outgoing and friendly, but not a distance runner - good job really!

So, next week just 4 days running, and only 30 miles to do - and probably some more panicking to organise!


  1. No need to panic Finola - you are well prepared and have stuffed a load of miles in your training pockets!!!!

    You'll be fine.

    And above all, if you can - enjoy!

  2. Thanks Kev! I reckon a small amount of panicking is unavoidable. Thanks for your support!