Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 3 - 29 miles

Today didn't start very well. I didn't sleep for long enough and woke early feeling a sick and exhausted, struggled to hold a conversation. I was still feeling sick and very tired when Wayne and Mandy dropped me off at the start point just south of Trawsfynydd. The first 6 miles were slow and achy, and I was worried. I just had to get my head down and get on with it.

I have a large blister on my little toe and every step for those first few miles was painful.

We then went off the main road and down a side road into the forest. I was running with Mandy, beginning to feel a little better, when we reached a cross roads, and came unstuck. We didn't know which road to take, and asking a passer by didn't help, so when Wayne came back in the car we decided to be sensible and go back to the main road, and just stick with the easy route. What looked like one road on the map, had turned into a mass of little roads with few sign posts in the forest, so the best thing to do, was go back to the main road, and take the easier option for navigation.

The views were fantastic!
Things now started to look up. We negotiated Dolgellau successfully, and Wayne managed to get me some coca cola. And boy did that coke taste, I'd been imagining it for miles! Once Mandy dragged me up over the next not inconsiderable hill we were within reach of Cader Idris pass.

Running was going really well. My blister was manageable, the legs were going well, and Mandy's peanut butter sandwiches were hitting the spot, so I cracked on. The pass was breathtaking, the sun had come out and the mountains looked truly beautiful. I had a great time over the pass, and the traffic was very obliging and gave me plenty of room. I think most people were so surprised to see anyone running that road, that they assumed I was a mad woman and gave me a wide berth. (Probably not far off the truth)

Down the other side towards Machynlleth my quads were beginning to complain about all the downhill, and although I was still feeling like I was coping emotionally, my legs were completely shot. As I knew Machynlleth was within reach I was focussed on reaching the town, everything else was irrelevant, it was a battle for survival. By 26.2 miles, a marathon for the day in 5 hrs 11, my legs had quite frankly had it. I was shuffling along and all I could do was make sure I stayed upright. Thankfully the last few miles were on a very wide pavement and I was able to concentrate on getting as many miles done as possible.

The plan was to run to Machynlleth, then see how many more I could do before my legs gave in completely. In the end I managed 29.2, and I was very happy with that. A banana milkshake and a massage and I feel better. Stairs are definitely a problem now, and my blister is still sore, but I'm ok.

I have just had a lovely meal with friends of my parents in Machynlleth, who very kindly helped out with accomodation too.

I am now very tired, and hopefully will sleep a little better tonight.

I hope that tomorrow will be as good a day as today, but all I can do is get up, and just get going. This morning I thought it was impossible, by the end of the day everything was possible again. No doubt tomorrow will be another roller coaster. Knowing I have another 5 days to do, is more than I can cope with thinking about at the moment. So for now it's about getting back up the 3 flights of stairs to my bedroom! 3 days done 5 to go.

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