Monday, 31 January 2011

Toes, and losing your mind.

My toes hurt.

I broke one of my middle toes down the length of the bone in a freak canoeing accident in my 20s, and it's telling me all about it now! When I run anything over about 6 miles it just aches. It is quite bent and I suspect it is banging against the side of the shoe, and squashing the other toes too. Wayne, my sports masseur suggested taping it to keep it straight, so he's going to have a go at that next week and see if it works.

If anything is going to fall apart on my run across Wales it's going to be my feet.

My sports massages have been getting more and more painful, and that's not just because Wayne is a sadist (although I am wondering!). I am just so tight and sore after 100 miles a week. Goodness knows what  I will be like after 225 miles.

I am also slowly losing my mind.

"Men and women who race at distances longer than marathons—also known as ultrarunners—are by reputation and reality a strange, obsessive, and somewhat socially awkward lot."

Had a long chat with Lowri about the quote above, especially the socially awkward bit. We neither of us felt we fitted that particular description, but then we could be deeply in denial. But definitely obsessive, oh yes.

Over the last week, it seems the running has slowly eroded both my memory and my IQ level. I forget simple things, miss obvious jokes, and my reaction time seems to be working at a glacial pace. Oh well, it'll all be worth it in the end!

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