Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Running with Lowri Morgan

Lowri and I at 25 miles
 Several months ago Lowri Morgan the S4C presenter agreed to support my run across Wales. Yesterday she emailed me and suggested we do a run together. What a fantastic suggestion! She joined me for 25 miles around the Gower this morning in the middle of her 31 mile run. The 4.5 hours we were running went in a flash!

I think we covered a fair range of subjects with ultra running being right up there. She is doing a 350 mile race in Yukon Canada, in the arctic circle in March, so she's in the midst of some heavy mileage.

It was so good to have a chat about schedules, and miles, and how tough ultra running is mentally, and talk to someone who knows. Last year she competed in the Jungle marathon, a 5 day ultra. It was filmed for S4C, and I watched the programme avidly. She is one tough runner, but she's also human, and a great laugh!

If we can we will run together again. Having the company of a likeminded runner was a real pleasure. I'm not sure I'm quite at her level though, as she measures her runs not in miles, but in hours! The thought of running for 8-10 hours (which she does in training), is mind boggling. There's a big difference between running a marathon and running an ultra or a multiday event, but the great thing about running is, there really are no limits. Company on a run is good, stimulating, interesting company is great - today's was a great run.

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