Saturday, 15 January 2011

100 miles - Done!! and some scary dogs.

I can't quite believe it. It does seem ridiculous. But, it's true. I have run a grand total of 100 miles this week.

I now feel I will be able to run across Wales.

The challenge this week has most definitely been a mental challenge more so than a physical one. The temptation to allow all those negative thoughts to flood into your brain whilst you are running, and give in to the feelings of tiredness is overwhelming at times. I have been having some very strange dreams recently where I am incredibly angry, and just shout and shout at the top of my voice. I'm sure it's because I am spending large chunks of my day holding everything together, and staying mentally strong, that all that raw emotion is released in my dreams. Thank goodness I'm not getting so angry in real life! I feel very sorry for my dream adversaries, they really do get an ear bashing!

I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of the people around me. My running friends have gone out of their way, especially Mandy, to keep me motivated, to feed me, run with me, count the miles for me. It has been fantastic. Strangers have offered to run sections of the challenge with me. Aquaintances (I'm sure that's not spelt right, but I'm too tired to check) have sponsored me. It's getting very real!

I have an easy week next week, just 45 miles, with a sports massage and a trip to the podiatrist planned to check everything is ok. I am looking forward to some runs of less than 26 miles.

One thing that didn't go to plan on the run today, was being accosted, or maybe I should say attacked by 4 large dogs. I met them on last Saturday's run as well. Whilst running down the cycle track, and almost at the seafront, they rounded a corner, barking, growling, baring their teeth and jumping up at me. They circled me, and had me at a complete standstill. One of them was wearing a muzzle. On jumping up, they reached my shoulder, and dug their claws into my legs. The owner was completely ineffectual, and totally unapologetic. Last week he commented I'd given the dogs a fright, this week when I said he should keep the dogs on a lead if he couldn't control them, he muttered something about not expecting to see runners at this time in the morning. It was clear from their behaviour that they thought I was a threat to their owner, and were protecting him. I was scared, and appalled, that anyone could allow their animals to be so out of control, and not even consider apologising! Unbelievable.

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