Wednesday, 19 January 2011

This isn't easy!

So this week was supposed to be an easy week. So far I have run 19 miles over 3 days.

I have never felt so achy, stiff, tired and hungry. How is that easy??

Today's run was 10 miles. I had intended to run somewhere scenic having a little more time than usual to drive somewhere nice. However on waking to a very hard frost I had to stick to pavements that had been warmed by traffic, and that had seen a bit of sun, although I did manage to make it down to the Loughour estuary which was very pretty.

I haven't been down this way since my pre running days, when I used to push my son in his buggy through this riverside park. It was quite a revelation to find that the park had a whole other section that I had never explored with my son. It just goes to show how unadventurous I was before I was a runner!

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