Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bruised, battered, but still running!

Why oh why do I fall over so much???

4 miles into a 15 miler today, I saw a kerb and I promptly fell over it. Luckily the only bit that hit the ground hard was my right knee. I hit a bit of muddy grass with my left arm and hand, so the damage was thankfully limited. I spent a few minutes walking round in circles waiting for my knee to stop throbbing and trying to decide what to do. I tried a few paces, and it wasn't so bad, so I decided to run to the next junction about half a mile away, and decide whether to cut the run short, or to carry on with the rest of the 15.

At the next junction, it was a little stiff but much better, so on I went. Then it started raining again. Looking at my bloodstained socks I figured my knee was probably a bit cut. My running tights had saved me from too much damage, but now they were wet and rubbing on open wounds (albeit small ones). Anyone who has experienced chafing whilst running, will know how much this stings. Still at least the pain was all on the surface of the skin. I decided to continue the run, only cutting off a couple of miles at a moment of weakness, when it felt like the skin on my knees was being rubbed with acid.

So, I did 13 miles, and now have a pretty stiff knee. Being an old hand at this falling over lark, I'm sure it will be stiff for the rest of the day, and either ready to run again tomorrow, or Friday, but we will see. I have full range of movement, just residual stiffness from the bruise. It was definitely tiredness that made me fall. If only I could have 12 hours sleep a night, then I could run forever!!

Not only can you see the bruises in the photo, but all the old scars too!


  1. good luck im doing a run for tygobaith next weekend from hope house in oswestry to ty gobaith in conwy over three days again good luck. the thought of getting a decent amaount of money in seen more dounting then running the distance at the mo for me.

  2. Have a good run! Hope it goes well for you.

    Raising money for charity as well as distance running is a bit stressful.