Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Music is fab!

Did my long run today - 20 miles, as there was no time later in the week. I was nervous about it for several reasons. I did Reading Half on Sunday, I had blisters on my insteps, and I had to do it on my own in the rain. So I decided to listen to all the songs I'd transferred to my new phone. What a brilliant idea! I haven't run with music since I started running in 2001, and it really did help. I will most definitely be getting an ipod. The blisters didn't get any worse, I'd put blister plasters on and taped my feet. My route was through town and then out towards Mumbles before finishing on the cycle track. I chose to run into town as I figured at least it would give me plenty to look at, and keep me amused, which it did. It made a nice change from the Gower too.

I spent quite a lot of my time today thinking about the Wales Run. Having raced on Sunday, run twice on Monday, again on Tuesday plus 2 power walking groups, I can't say my legs were at all fresh, so I was pleasantly surprised by how good they felt. It really made me think about how it will be running on tired legs for a whole week. The human body is quite amazing though. Today's run made me feel that I could be doing 70-80 miles a week fairly comfortably at the moment. I have done a couple of 70+ mile weeks in amongst the London training, and it's been ok. Of course it might feel quite different when I am doing months and months of high mileage, but I can't wait to find out!

I emailed close friends and family yesterday with my plans, and I've had some really lovely replies already. The idea of running the length of the country seems to have grabbed people's imagination.......... just thank god I don't live in America, it's far too far to run!

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