Saturday, 13 March 2010

Long Run

Just done 20 miles long run with 2 x 2M @ marathon pace. Feeling pretty tired, but for the first time ever, as I did Llanelli Half last Sunday in the last 7 days I have run over 70 miles. So, I'm feeling proud of myself, and it has given me the confidence to feel I may actually be able to sustain the kind of training the Wales Run will need.

Had a good long think about who I could contact about the Wales Run, a friend suggested I write to the Prince of Wales, ask his permission like.......... it's certainly worth a try. Have also put feelers out to some local companies with whom I have contacts. There will probably be lots of "no"s coming, but I have to ask.

Every so often I think about the actual run, and I panic. It is huge, so I have decided it's best I don't think about the big picture too often, and just concentrate on the day to day stuff, which is far more manageable.

Going to go an collapse on the sofa now, and watch my sons clean the car!

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