Monday, 29 March 2010

The Beginning is in sight

Life has been hectic recently, trying to fit everything in has been tough. I should have known that adding the organisation involved to run across Wales would have been pushing it a bit! But, I really wasn't thinking .. "do I have time for this?" ... I was thinking .. "I want to do this!" So I will have to make time.

I have my penultimate assignment due in at the end of the week for my Open University Foundation Degree course in Sport and Fitness, and I don't know when I'm going to do it. I am putting on a fun run for Wales WRN in the middle of April, and the organisation for that, allocating race numbers etc has taken up a lot of my free time. Plus with the bank holiday on Friday I have to fit 5 days work into 4. Im whinging!! I need to!

I need to start writing to local businesses to start raising funding for the Wales Run. With over a year to go there is a suprising amount to do. Just planning the route is a fairly mammoth task. It's impossible to do it well on the internet because you need to be able to see the country as a whole, so that you can check the route is heading as close to the shortest route possible through the country. I need maps laid out on the floor. Apparently there is a cycle route through Wales which can be viewed at Sustrans the cycling organisation. I'm a little nervous of going offroad too far though in case something happens. I'm thinking what if I fall over and twist an ankle, and need someone in a car to get to me, being offroad wouldn't be great. I don't want to do the route on major roads though. Having watched Eddoe Izzard struggling with traffic on his epic Sport Relief run, I would rather steer clear of major routes. But, I have to do the Llanberis pass, and I have to run through Swansea.

After Easter I will tackle the funding issue, and the route with avengance. Hopefully with only a week to go to London Marathon, I won't be running as much, and will have more time, to get stuck into the things that need to be done.

I am peaking in my training this week for the London Marathon. Last week including Reading Half I ran 55 miles, this week it will be 64. Last week was tough physically, having to do a long run just 2 days after a race, it really made me think about the physical pressure of back to back running, and what would be involved in running 215 miles! The intensity of the race was an eye opener. I have run a 70+ mile week before, and found it manageable, but things didn't ache like they have done the last 10 days. I must remember not to sprint any of the run through Wales.

One more big week, and then the wind down for London. I want to get started on training for this run through Wales. As soon as London is over, all my races and training is geared towards the Wales Run. I can't wait!

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