Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Starting to get organised

I have now written a list of everything I need to do over the next few months to make sure I am able to start this challenge. The running side of things is easy! I have been given lots of very helpful ideas as to how to go about approaching companies, and what they will expect in return. I've also had some whackier ideas as to who I might contact to raise the media profile of the challenge. But I like whacky! There are a surprising number of Welsh celebrities out there who run, I'm hoping 1 or more of them will be persuaded to run a section of the challenge with me in order to get some media coverage.

It's actually really hard to know what to do first. If I get a celebrity on board, then I'm sure media coverage etc will follow, but sponsorship is vital too.

I have decided I will include Swansea Women's Aid as a local charity, as they do fantastic work, and this challenge is all about the potential of women in Wales.

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