Saturday, 12 March 2011

I'm still a runner!

I have just been out for my first run since finishing Run Wales. I managed 4 flat easy miles.

My legs are a little more achy and stiff than usual, and I was definitely lower in energy than I normally would be. My pace has also gone, but I can still run!

The real fear with doing an event so huge was that the aftermath would put me out of running for weeks or even months, but it seems the human body is a lot more resilient than I expected. All my aches and pains have disappeared, and my blisters are fully healed, just 8 days after my 227 mile run. It looks like I will be fine for Forest of Dean Half Marathon in a couple of weeks, and even a 31 mile ultra in Swansea on April 16th. I also have plans to do a 50 mile ultra at the beginning of May. I would like to spend the rest of the year just doing the races I fancy, maybe a few marathons which are close to home, and some offroad races.

I have thought about planning another solo event, but I think I need a break from the organisation and pressure that comes with such a big event. I have some major changes happening in my working life at the moment, so feel I have enough to contend with at the moment. Having said that, I have seriously thought about the next challenge, and knowing me I will find myself planning something before I have realised what I am doing.

I went out for lunch with a good friend on Friday, and she asked me what it was like now that Run Wales was over, how did I feel? The only way I can describe it is, that it feels like I have had an incredibly intense and wonderful holiday relationship. I am very sad it is over, but I wouldn't change a thing, and given half the chance I would rush back into it like a shot, but I realise real life has to come first. I have been so lucky to have this wonderful experience and I do hope I get the chance to have another different adventure some time soon.

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