Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Post Marathon Blues

It's hit me, I have post marathon blues.

Although my body is recovering and my legs and feet are feeling a great deal better, they are still feeling the effects of 227 miles. My blisters are very nearly healed but I can still feel them to walk on. My right knee is very stiff and sore. I had a massage with Wayne yesterday, and he confirmed what I thought, there is no damage to the knee, it is just that the vastus medialis (part of the quadriceps), is very very tight, and it is pulling on the knee and making it hurt. The reason for the tight quads was compensation for the blisters. So it just goes to show you really do have to treat every little ache and pain as a real full blown injury to avoid it turning into something nasty. Having said I ache, I managed to cycle just over 5 miles with my running club last night, albeit on the flat. I am exhausted this morning as a result, but I know my body will recover I just need to be patient.

When your body is tired, your mind often follows suit. I am dwelling on negative thoughts at the moment and finding it hard to feel positive. That is part of the process of recovery. I had to be so strong during the run, that my mind had to work really hard too, and it also needs a break now.

I knew that this would happen, so have lined up some treats to look forward to. I am doing Forest of Dean half marathon with my husband and sister in law in a little over 2 weeks time. Or if not I will be having a night away in a B&B and a good old chat with my brother in law whilst I support the other runners. I also have a couple of ultra events I will either be supporting or running in the next few months. Having something planned in the future, even if it is not actually running gives me something to look forward to, and helps me realise this blue feeling is only temporary, and a very normal part of recovery.

Everyone has been asking me what I plan to do next. I would definitely like to do something big again, but I think I need several months if not a couple of years to regroup and plan my next adventure. I do intend to have a go at some more organised events, where someone else has all the heartache of the organisation, and I just get to enjoy the running. I would like to start with a 50 miler, and maybe attempt a 100 mile race in the next year or so.

I have learnt a lot about myself on this journey, and a lot about what it takes to run 227 miles in a little over a week. I have loved every minute of the journey, and it is something I want to repeat. I always think though that distance running is about patience and control. This journey has opened up so many possibilities for me as a runner, I just need to be patient enough to explore those possibilities at a pace that my mind and body can manage!

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