Friday, 4 March 2011

The Aftermath

Over the last few years I have followed several blogs that describe people's ultra challenges, and I have invariably been disappointed when the challenge finishes and the blog disappears. I want to know what it's like after the event itself is over. I want to know how the runners cope when they finally stop running.

So just in case there are other people out there who feel the same way as me, and want to know what happens next, this blog is for you.

Last night I slept better than I have done since the day before the journey up to North Wales. It was pure luxury not to have to tape my feet, and massage my legs on waking. Although I did have to get up at 7am to get breakfast and see the boys off to school. The plan was to go back to bed, but in fact I just lounged around all morning in my pyjamas, something I never do. My feet were still quite swollen and painful from the blisters and all the pounding, so I spent the morning icing them too. My right quad just above my kneecap is also a little tender, and the knee very stiff, but nothing that ice and rest won't fix.

I am unbelievably weary. I don't want to sleep, I just can't move very fast! My brain is also a bit slow. It's a shame really because the weather is beautiful, and if I had the energy I'd love to be out in it. I did walk about half a mile to the shops at lunchtime, and the blister on my little toe was painful. I hope that by Monday that will have subsided a bit. Already my feet are looking more normal, and the swelling is reducing. I am still wearing compression tights to be on the safe side though. I have a massage booked for Monday, so hopefully I will be walking more normally by Tuesday.

The day so far has been punctuated by well done texts and phonecalls. I feel honoured that my run has been of interest to so many people.I even got 2 cards wishing me congratulations. The cards must have been sent before I finished to arrive today - they obviously had confidence in me that I would finish!

The only down side to the day was realising this morning that both my husband and I forgot to vote in the Welsh referendum! I guess we had other things to think about.

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