Sunday, 20 June 2010

Llanelli 10k

What a beautiful day, a nice breeze and loads of sunshine. Pootled round the course with Lynne, who did fantastically well considering this was her first 10k post brain haemorrhage. Surprised at how fine I felt yet again, finished in a very comfortable 63 mins.

Unfortunately found out today that entries for Snowdonia Marathon have closed, so my plan to accompany Lynne on this one have been scuppered. I may yet be able to join her for some of the race, but how much will have to see.

I don't have many big races coming up now until after the summer holidays, just a steady building of mileage. By the end of August the plan is to be comfortable running 40+ miles on consecutive days, and be running 60+ miles per week.

I might be able to slot in the odd 10k or 10 mile race, but life is pretty hectic at the moment, so the emphasis for the next 2 months is to get some heavy miles in the legs and begin some gentle speed work to mix things up a bit. Long runs will be off road every other week. I'm very tired at the moment, more from the rest of my life than from running so it makes sense to take account of the other pressures on my time, and just train well rather than train and race, and then burn out.

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