Saturday, 5 June 2010

Less than a week to go

Did my last "long" run before the Gower Gallop this morning. Managed 9.5 miles on part of the Gallop route. I have now run the large majority of the route, so that will make navigation easier I hope.

I have been struggling with tiredness this week though. Mainly due I think to having 2 full time jobs at the moment. I always find having the boys at home and continuing to work a bit of a challenge. After my run today, both the boys were out and I just couldn't stave off the tiredness any more and spent 2 hours fast asleep. I am still feeling a bit dopey now. Last half term I spent the second weekend in bed ill, so just feeling tired is an improvement.

I am feeling nervous about next week's Gallop, 30 miles off road is a long way. Still, I will take it easy, walk the uphills and aim just to finish. I haven't really tapered for the race, just had a slightly easier week this week, running wise, only done 37 miles. I intend to run only 5 days next week and the week after. But I am hoping I won't have to take any time off running after the challenge, unless of course I get blisters.

The weather this morning would have been fantastic for the race, low cloud and damp. Went up onto the top of Cefn Bryn, and although the views were disappointing, I had the chance to run a section of the race route that had been bothering me. I had hoped a few friends would also be doing the 30 mile route, but I think they have opted for the shorter 20 and 12 mile routes (probably very sensible - only me that's mad!)

I also managed to complete my final assignment for my OU course, yippee! I now intend to take a year out and concentrate on running for a bit. It will be a nice not to have to worry about anything hanging over me in my free time.

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