Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Squeezing it all in

This week has been an interesting example of time management skills. I am now back up to a pre marathon mileage, and busy training to complete the Gower Gallop, but work has also become hectic, plus my Open University final assignment is due in soon. Oh and half term is coming up! Half term means another full time job being Mum on top of my other commitments.

Fitting in even more mileage is going to involve some early mornings, or late nights, or both. And the support of my fantastic husband!

This weekend I need to get my long run done before 11.30am, in order to be out again at midday. That's 20 miles at 10-11min miles all done before mid morning. Of course if I were a quicker runner it would be done and dusted by 11, but I'm a plodder so I need a bit extra. It will mean starting running by 7.30am, up by 6.45am. I know that's not that early in comparison to some people's working days, but it's quite a challenge on a weekend, when everyone else is still in bed and likely to stay there for at least another hour.

Having read other ultra runners' blogs, it doesn't seem unusual to get up in the middle of the night to go for a long run, in order to make a serious running habit more family friendly. And I really do mean in the middle of the night, 3am onwards! I think as my mileage increases I am going to have to become more and more creative about when I fit my running in. For example, I've been for 2 runs of 3 miles today, but I could have run between 1 session and another and back again thereby adding an extra 8 miles to the total. I don't enjoy missing out on family stuff, plus it's not fair on the family, so I'd rather miss out on some sleep in order to get all the running done.

I'm also back to running 6 days a week this week, so things are on track and the legs are fine. It's a very good job my OU course will be finished in a week or so when I hand in this last assignment, because in a week or so I will need that time to run!

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