Saturday, 15 May 2010

Feeling Good

16 miles offroad all done and I feel good again.

The legs felt strong, and I enjoyed the weather. The easiest off road route I know on the Gower mind you, with lots of wide tracks and undulations rather than steep hills, although there were a couple of short really steep sections. I took it easy, and was a lot faster than I expected to be, so I am very happy. The views and the sunshine were fantastic, so great to get away from the roads again.

Last year it took me several weeks to build up to 16 miles off road in preparation for the Caerphilly Summits Challenge. This year it felt easy just 3 weeks after a marathon - a definite improvement in my strength.

The only downside to the run today was my shoes. I have recently had new orthotics, and I wore thick socks, and the shoes are just too small. I have ordered a new pair on the internet, so I am hoping I can break them in sufficiently over the next 4 weeks, so that I can wear them to the Gower Gallop. I don't get the chance to go off road that often though due to work constraints, so I'll have to be creative about wearing them in, it may come down to wearing them around the house!

A very positive run, and I'm really looking forward to the Gallop now.

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