Friday, 7 May 2010

Route Setting

I have just spent a couple of hours setting the route for the challenge on . If I do 30 miles a day (and that's a big if), I can get the whole thing done in 7 days. If not then it can definitely be done in 8 days. I will start in Bull Bay (fantastic name), in Anglesey, and go to Aberthaw near Barry as the southernmost point of Wales.

The itinerary looks like this so far:

Day 1 - Bull Bay to Llanberis
Day 2 - Llanberis to Trawsfynydd
Day 3 - Trawsfynydd to Machynlleth
Day 4 - Machynlleth to Swyddffynon (just north of Tregaron)
Day 5 - Swyddffynon to Cwmdu (just north of Llandeilo)
Day 6 - Cwmdu to Swansea
Day 7 - Swansea to Aberthaw

For anyone who wants to have a look I have saved them as public routes on Fetch under RunWales. The last day actually comes out at 32.5 miles, but I'm sure there will be slight inaccuracies throughout.

I have had several offers of accomodation, and it looks like I may have to spend very few nights in B&Bs which will help keep costs down. Of course I have no idea of the terrain on a lot of the roads that are included in the route. I had to include the Llanberis pass and the Talley Valley near Llandeilo, which is beautiful. Let's just hope I can do the full 30 each day.

I sent my entry off for the Gower Gallop on June 12th which is 30 miles, a rough, offroad, self navigated 30 though. But, it will be interesting to see how I cope with that distance. I am intending to take it very easy and see it as a training run, and pray not to get lost. I also managed 12 miles today as a long run. Considering it's less than 2 weeks since London, and I had to do the run with a client first, and then a running club session, so I was out on the road for 3 hours+, I am very pleased. Mind you my legs are complaining a bit!

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