Saturday, 1 May 2010


There has been progress on the preparation for the Wales Run. Melanie Walters who plays Gwen in Gavin and Stacey has very kindly offered to support the run. I am immensely grateful for her brilliant offer. Having the support of a celebrity will be a huge boost to the challenge, and will hopefully raise its profile. The more people who are aware of the work that Swansea Women's Aid do, hopefully the more donations the challenge will receive. It was also very encouraging for me to have that support, it makes the whole fundraising thing seem more doable somehow. It's tough asking people for their time and energy, so far I have had a lot of encouragement, and some very generous offers, but there have been a lot of "no"s too, so it can be a little disheartening sometimes.

My brother in law Lorne, has also very kindly offered to make me a 2-3 minute video promo to offer to the media. He is a film director so really knows what he's doing, and I'm sure having a professional looking video will really help publicise the challenge. It will be a surprising amount of work for such a short film, so I really grateful to him for agreeing to make it.

Talking about running for a moment, by blister from London turned out to be a little larger than I realised at first. Any squeamish readers please skip the next sentence or two! It was the size of an egg running down the side of my foot. It had burst during the race, so I basically had a raw patch only partly covered by the original skin. This was mainly due to the fact that I had missed taping a section of my foot. It made work this week quite a challenge, as until Thursday it was painful with every step. But I dressed it and taped it up, and got on with it. I told myself it was good practice for RunWales - every running challenge I'm facing at the moment is preceeded with the thought "If you can't do this, you can't run across Wales!" It worked! Having spoken to my sports massage therapist about it he agreed that I need to spend the next few months experimenting with the taping so that I have it sorted before I attempt the challenge.

Just about to head out for my first run since London. The legs have been feeling very good this week. No real problems getting up and down stairs. They have been stiff, but haven't taken any time off work, have just cycled with clients and clubs but continued to power walk. I'd like to do 8 miles, but will be happy with 2. The intention is to run out and back on a mile lap until I've had enough, or the legs give up. I really can't wait to get started on all the miles I need to do - only 6 weeks til the Gower Gallop now, but now more than ever I need to stay injury free.


  1. Keep posting Fin. The read is really inspiring and keeping me running in my own small way~! Its ok to come last - its the taking part that counts! For a non-sporty runner, this is music to my ears!

  2. Thankyou for your thoughts Hannah!! Lovely to know someone is interested in my ramblings. You are going to come and run some of the route with me aren't you??