Monday, 6 December 2010

Mini Disaster

After missing my long run last week because hubby was too ill to be left in charge of the kids, I was intent on getting back up to 80 miles this week. Everything was going well until Friday, when whilst walking (yes walking) back to stretch with my running group I put my foot in a hole and sprained my ankle.

I knew it was quite bad as I instantly felt sick, even whilst I was lying on the ground giving instructions to my group to meet me in the carpark. I managed to hobble back to the carpark and go through the stretches with them. I then decided I'd try and walk it off with the hope of finishing the last 8 miles of my run. I did try and run, but it was sore, and I was sensible. So I phoned Ben and he drove to my rescue.

I had a little moment in the car when I thought the Run Wales may be all over, then gave myself a metaphorical shake and decided not to worry.

During the weekend I plastered my ankle in Arnica every few hours, iced it, massaged it, stretched it, and got started with some wobble board exercises. It was quite swollen and the bruising was fairly impressive. By Sunday it was a lot better and I actually decided a run was in order. 3 miles later and the ankle was fine, no issues at all. It was a bit stiff this morning, but no worse than yesterday. I have a massage booked for this morning, so that will help as well.

I am particularly proud of how I coped with my mini disaster though. In the past I would have been far more obsessive, and uptight. I was thinking on Friday though that I could make it a lot easier on myself, by just accepting it had happened and getting on with the recovery process. Injury usually follows the same route every time. Denial, anger, depression, acceptance, recovery. I skipped pretty quickly straight from anger through to acceptance and recovery. I don't have time to be in denial, or to get depressed about things!!

I have had to rework my schedule a bit, but I am hoping that with an extra massage this week, and some concerted strength work I will be able to get back up to major miles quickly. Although dodging the icy pavements this week could be interesting!


  1. I think you've had a mini triumph, not a disaster Finola! Look at what you've learned about yourself this week - and it's only Monday!!
    Keep on running,
    Mandy x

  2. Thanks Mandy! We need to go out for a run together soon, have missed your company recently!

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    Hope this helps. Wishing you all the best. Agonising. Good luck!