Saturday, 11 December 2010

Funding news

Corus Steel have agreed to help fund the Run Wales Challenge! This is particularly good news, as it now means I can book the couple of B&Bs we need, and I don't need to worry about fuel costs, or scrimping on food.

I have run 75 miles this week. Having sprained my ankle last Friday, I'm pretty pleased with the mileage! My ankle is still not fully healed, but it is no worse after a run than before, and although still a little puffy, it is recovering but probably just a bit slower than if I'd had my feet up all week. It has been shockingly cold again, with the water in my camelbak drinking tube freezing whilst running a couple of times. It has been a challenge in this weather, especially as the pavements have been so icy. Most of the week was run along the front on the flat, which made for very dull running. My Wednesday run, was particularly challenging, mostly I think because I had already decided before I started that it was going to be hard. It was also the first time ever I have had to wear 2 pairs of trousers to keep warm. My weather station was saying -5 degrees when I started. On Thursday I ran with a group for the middle few miles, and that made a huge difference.

I am glad it is looking not quite as cold next week. The plan is to run 83 miles. This week my legs have been sore whilst running, but have recovered really quickly. I managed to fall over again today in the last mile of my 20 miler, no serious damage just a bit of a bruised hand. I think the fall was mainly down to tiredness. I had to get up at 5.45am in order to get as many miles done as possible before I met up with Helen's group at Pontardawe. These days I really understand it when people say they find it impossible to run on their own. I do too!! Running to a group, running a few miles with company and then running back to my car is the only relatively painless way I can get my long runs done, and I have about 4 long runs a week. Thank god for all the Women's Running Network groups!

I have also contacted some newspapers in North Wales in the hope of getting some company for the first 3 days of my run. So far no-one has offered to run with me in Anglesey, but I have a couple of people for Snowdonia, and from Mid Wales on I'm fine. I know that having people to run with especially towards the end of each day will make a huge difference. The WRN PR person has also been contacting the media on my behalf and it seems I will be in my local paper on Monday!

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