Friday, 17 December 2010

Even snow hasn't stopped me - yet!

Ran a stunning, but tough 15 miles today in about 5 inches of snow, with Nina.

I really didn't think we would last the distance judging by the first breathless mile, but we did it, and enjoyed it! We did get a lot of strange looks from people, and a few people even went on to comment how "brave" we were (probably they meant mad, but were being polite!)

Nina and I always run together on snowy days, as she only lives round the corner. Normally I wouldn't be able to keep up with her as she is a 3.3o marathoner, but in the snow she slows down for me, and we had a blast today. Unfortunately she isn't running tomorrow, and I have another 15 miles to do. Maybe I can persuade someone else to join me for a plod in the snow...... any takers???

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