Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Prince of Wales offers his support!

It's just 2 days now before the 3 marathons in 3 days, and I am feeling surprisingly calm. Still there's loads of time to panic yet!

Earlier in the week I had a reply to my letter to the Prince of Wales. Apparently he is not in a position to grant me leave to run across the Principality, but he does wish me every success in my run!!

It's not every day you gain the support of royalty, or get a letter stamped by Buckingham Palace!

Training is practically non existent since the beginning of the week, and after a very vigorous sports massage on Monday my legs are feeling a little stiff and sore. The lethargy and tiredness of this last bit of taper is always tough.

I have a couple of hours tomorrow to pack my bags and make sure I have all the essential kit on the list, and then I'm off to deepest darkest Pembrokeshire on Thursday. I expect the race to be a real experience, and to be able to practice alot of what I'll need to do on the RunWales with regards to fuelling etc.

Now the Prince of Wales is backing my run.......... I really must make sure I complete it!

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