Monday, 22 November 2010

The filmstar lifestyle

What a hectic weekend!

My brother in law, Lorne a talented film director, very kindly offered to make a 2-3 min promotional video for the Run Wales Challenge. So, we spent much of the weekend filming out on the Gower. There was lots of running and heavy breathing, interspersed with lots of jogging up and down on the spot trying to keep warm. Hopefully the video will be useful in order to approach the media with, and will generate more interest in the challenge and the charities I am raising money for.

As far as proper training goes I ran 43 miles last week, as my first full training week back after the 3 in 3. I am pretty pleased with that. I am beginning to feel like I have a little more energy too. The horrible lethargy and empty legs feeling seems to be waning, so I will be aiming to get my mileage back up above 70 miles this week.

It is just 14 weeks until I begin my run, so both my training and the organisation has been a little more focussed of late. I have also been asked by the YWCA in England and Wales to extend the run by 10 miles in order to finish at the Welsh Assembly in order to raise some media interest. I think the extra 10 miles might be quite hard, but the thought that it may make a big difference to the charities funds and media exposure makes it well worth running.

I now have a bed for the night for all of the nights I need to spend away from home, for myself and my support crew. I also have funding for any B&Bs that are needed and fuel costs. I am also beginning to build up a timetable of runners joining me for various sections of the run. So far, from Swansea to Cardiff is pretty sorted. I also have a friend Polly who will be joining me for an entire day, 30 miles from Tregaron to Llandeilo, which is great. I have started contacting running clubs in North Wales in the hope that I will have company for as much of the challenge as possible. When I first started planning the run I had a romantic image of running free through the mountains of Wales on my way through the country. The reality is I need the company of others, and the more people who are prepared to join me the better!

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