Sunday, 4 July 2010

Food glorious food!

Another long run done, another week completed.

This week was 58 miles plus 16 miles power walking, plus normal life. Quite a lot, and I am a bit tired.

18 miles off road completed yesterday around the Gower including some pretty steep hills and fantastic views. A bit of soft sand too. Since I started training for ultras my husband has taken over the cooking at the weekend..... and he's fantastic at it. Today we had beetroot, goat's cheese and hazelnut puff pastry tart with mange tout, and strawberry and raspberry flan with creme fraiche to finish. Delicious! A lot of the ingredients came from his allotment (I would say ours, but I have managed 30 minutes of weeding in the last 8 months of ownership). Which is not only very satisfying but cheap and tasty.

It's a good job the food is so good, because I worked out this week I used 1300 extra calories a day exercising, that's a daily requirement of 3300 calories, and it's only going to get worse. The temptation when you are physically tired and hungry is to wolf down anything to hand, so having someone else cook the kind of food I really should be eating is really wonderful. At this rate I may never cook again!

Next week I have a slightly less hectic week as a couple of clients are on holiday, and I have fewer meetings for work, so I hope to be able to choose routes for running that are a little more scenic. 60 miles to do next week, bring it on!

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